as a leader Transformations, between the lines (orchestra, quartet)
Fourth World, between the lines (w/ Joe Lovano)
Luminous Cycles, between the lines (sextet)
Spectral Domains, ENJA (septet)
Standing On A Whale Fishing For Minnows, ENJA (quartet)
Turbulence, Knitting Factory Works(quartet and quintet)
Exo Eso, FMP (solo)
Artlife, Lumina (solo and duo, w/ Leroy Jenkins)
as a co-leader
String Trio of New York
The River of Orion, Black Saint
Frozen Ropes (w/Oliver Lake), Barking Hoop
Gut Reaction, Omnitone
Faze Phour 20th Anniversary Retrospective, Black Saint
Happy Valley Blues (w/ AnthonyDavis), Music and Arts
Blues...?, Black Saint
Octagon, Black Saint
An Outside Job, Accord Accort
Intermobility, Arabesque
Time Never Lies, Stash
Ascendant, Stash
String Trio of New York (w/ Jay Clayton), West Wind
Natural Balance, Black Saint
Rebirth of a Feeling, Black Saint
Common Goal, Black Saint
Area Code 212, Black Saint
First String, Black Saint
as a side musician (selected)
w/ Henry Threadgill Makin' A Move, Columbia
Song Out of My Trees, Black Saint
w/ Anthony Braxton Creative Orchestra (Koln), 1978, Hat Art
Composition No. 94, Golden Years of New Jazz
w/ Wadada Leo Smith Rastafari, Gramm, Kabell
Who Killed David Walker?, CMIF
w/ Leroy Jenkins For Players Only, JCOA
Urban Blues, Black Saint
w/ Thurman Barker Voyage, UpTee
Time Factor, UpTee
The Way I Hear It, UpTee
w/ Human Arts Ensemble Junk Trap, Black Saint Live at Tilburg Circle
w/ Gerry Hemingway Songs, between the lines
w/ Franz Koglmann Don't Play, Just Be, between the lines

design 2003 Min Jae Hong